Marsh Harbor

The Abaco Inn and Resort

The Abaco Inn and Resort

The pool with its gracious floating bar was the only item salvaged in this completely rebuilt Resort. Dream Seeker and Defiant gave it a good test.. Lots of people here for the Fourth of July, most of them on large sport fishing boats. The resort sponsors a big celebration for the American independence Day; the Bahamian Independence Day is July 10.

Red White and Blue was everywhere on the well lighted dock. On one end, the young sports fishermen were blaring out their deafening music, on the other end country, pop and patriotic music was filling the air. Crab races for the kids.

Dancing alone with my fourth of July glasses on, I was asked how much I had to drink to enjoy myself this well. My limit is one a day I told her. She retorted “over sixty you should stop drinking alcohol and use weed instead, it is better for your health”. She became my newest best friend.

A resident told me he and his wife rode out Dorian in his house until it started to blow the house away around him. They ran for their car and stayed there for the duration; only saved by the Grace of God.

The old Conch Inn  and Marina site saddened me, nothing is as I remembered it. The pilings are there but in total disarray. None of the docks are there. Some of the town is rebuilt but most is not. Colors, a new restaurant near the old Inn, served excellent fish wraps and Bahamian chowder with Johnnycakes.

The  taxi driver who took us into town and back was old enough to remember all the places I remember. “The Golden Harvest”, Oh it burnt down.  “How about the bakery” Oh, that burnt down too, the grocery, that too.   A brand new Maxwells grocery store took its place, Surprisingly, it looks like a Publix.

Denny spent a lot of time, walking everywhere, finding parts to repair the dinghy and securing it back on the deck.   Complaining all the way, I walked  with Denny uphill one mile in the broiling sun to take the ferry to Man O War Cay. 

That tale for tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Marsh Harbor

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the dinghy accident. I don’t understand why the engine was in the dinghy. Pardon my ignorance of big boats. I am glad no one was hurt. Sounds like you had a fun 4th. It is sad to see old haunts gone. I hope the hurricane season is not too bad this year. Have a safe trip home. Barbie


  2. Poor Denny.. he try’s so hard… forget the weed, you’ll forget where you’re at, you won’t remember a damn thing like who’s your husband,🤣and you’ll get fat because you get so damn hungry. Enjoy your stay!😘💕


  3. Have you been imbibing some weed with your new best friend? Are you converting from alcohol?

    Your curious and non-judge mental daughter.


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