Elbow Cay

Tahiti Beach

Sailing into Tahiti beach, the sea ten feet below us, a bright green, the sandy bottom clearly in view, we drop anchor. The four hundred pound dinghy usually  resides on Dream Seekers top deck and when needed, is launched seamlessly off  its perch using a cable, a davit and an electric winch

Today was not as seamless.  Oh! No!  That is not quite what Denny said but it will do for this narrative.

Halfway down, just above the cockpit awning, the cable broke, dropping the dinghy straight down until it collided with the awning, bent the awning, swiveled and landed in the water upside down with a huge thud. 

A dinghy is usually equipped with an anchor, flashlights flares and numerous other necessary sundries. All of these plus the engine, seats, oars, boat hook and fuel tanks, et.al.,sank to the bottom.

The snorkeling gear went on Denny and Denny went in the water but not for colorful marine life. “Here is a seat, grab that box, catch this boat hook”, the water logged equipment slowly filled the cockpit.  The thirty year old engine has finally met its demise.

Towing a disheveled dinghy we limped into The Abacos Inn and Resort in Marsh Harbor. Waving to our traveling companions.

Dinghy on Deck

4 thoughts on “Elbow Cay

  1. As the Bahamians say….don’t worry mon! It’s hard to have any problems in life when you’re over there! Looks like a great adventure!!


  2. Looking on the bright side neither of you were injured ( thank GOD) and the shallow depth enabled recovery.


  3. OMG!!! Can’t believe the adventures you two have!!
    So glad no one was hurt!
    Maybe you can get Denny to stay at the Marinas now that you do not have a dinghy to anchor out😊


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