The Island Ferry

Soda cans, paper towels, produce and passengers filled the Ferry for its twenty minute bumpy ride from Marsh Harbor to Man-O-War Cay.  This Cay looks amazingly untouched; very little damage.

Asked the proprietor of a gift shop,  who’s only book for sale is one of my favorites “The Soul of an Octopus “  how she fared during the storm.  “We rode out the storm in the comfort of our home,  the people who built these houses are boat builders. They built for strength and endurance.”

Hopping from shady spot to shady spot we walked the two mile long island researching boat yards and yearning for rum raisin ice cream.

Since I have known Denny he has repeatedly told me about Man-O-War’s rum raisin ice cream, the only source of alcohol on this entire island.  Sadly, his dream never fulfilled, we settled for vanilla. The one ice cream shop on the island was out of rum raisin.

Returned on the ferry and walked a mile back to Dream Seeker,  Downhill all the way.

The pool at The Abaco Resort and its various delights are waiting.

3 thoughts on “Man-O-War-Cay

  1. At least your getting your exercise!! Sorry about the rum raisin!! Hope the dinghy got all fixed for you guys. 😘


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