Spanish Cay

Snorkeling Anchorage

Spanish Cay is privately owned, A small resort on it is open to the public with a grocery store and magnificent beaches.   In the early 80’s it was bought by the Dallas Mavericks but later used by a drug Baron for his private retreat and armed with machine guns.

Hailing from Vero Beach a small  vessel docked next to Blue Sky. They are staying on the island in a condo for three weeks. It is a very small island.

Give the marina an order for dinner and and they will have it ready to eat on their deck or carry-out what ever time you want.  This qualifies for a restaurant on the premises for the guide books.` Spanish Cay is now quiet and Private.  

Blue Sky decided to stay at Spanish Cay rather than anchor out another night. Deb was worried about the lightning. “See you tomorrow at Green Turtle” as they waved good-by.

Leaving Blue Sky in Spanish Cay, we had a calm ride to an anchorage at ManJack Cay.  The Skies are blue, the seas calm and the winds a pleasant seven miles per hour.

Denny and I jumped into the 86 degree water and let the salty sea pervade our minds and souls.  A perfect Bahamian sunset.  Tomorrow, the dinghy is launched for some snorkeling.

4 thoughts on “Spanish Cay

  1. Enjoy the fireworks from your great vantage point. Happy Fourth.💥💥

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  2. Hello, Loved Spanish Cay and the airport there. When I had my plane that was a fun visit. We stayed at the condos on the beach! Perfect place to chill out! Enjoy


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