Great Sale


Crackle! Boom! Crackle! Crackle! Boom! The lightning flashed continually and the rain poured down  in sheets. Boom!   Jumping out of bed,  Denny yelling, lower the antennas! Lower the antennas!

We are at Anchor in Great Sail. it is one o’clock in the morning, the skies are ablaze with color and light.  Dream Seeker is rocking and rolling.  Can you see Blue Sky?  Are they afloat? A moment of silent prayer! The storm continued all night.

Morning brought calm seas and a good cloud cover. OK, Blue Sky come on over and raft up

and let’s transfer some fuel. Put out the fenders, throw us the lines, cut the engines we are ready.

Three hours later, two sweat soaked, tired and fuel covered men were smiling. A job well done!

Passing Center of the World Rock and Crab Key  and onto Spanish Cay with

visions of jets refueling mid-air dancing through my head we cruised on to Spanish Cay.

4 thoughts on “Great Sale

  1. Oh man, all red on that map.. hope it all gets better for you. We have been getting rain on and off in the mountains too! Sail on! 😘🎉🎊🗽


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