Leaving West End

Great Sale Cay

Leaving West End for Great Sale Cay

The acquisition of  Bahamian WiFI and the bustling fuel dock in West End caused a late departure to our next anchorage, sixty-one miles north, Great Sale Cay. The wind was two miles per hour, the humidity high and the sun beaming down relentlessly through cloudless skies.

Half way to our destination and out of cell phone and wifi range,  a call came over the two way radio!

Dream Seeker, Dream Seeker, this is Blue Sky, We are running out of fuel. We are running out of fuel!  Over. 

“We may have to take a detour to find fuel and meet up with you in a few days. We should have waited in line at West End!”

“Is it worth going 50 miles out of your way just to buy fuel?”

“Where is the nearest fuel” 

“Who Knows”

“This far north and east we are out of cellphone and wifi range”

“Perhaps traveling at 8 knots “would save gas”

A solution!  

Our slow moving trawler carries 1000 gallons of fuel. How about a fuel transfer en route?

We have lots of hoses and clamps.

Let’s slowly limp into Great Sail anchorage and wrestle with this in the morning.

7 thoughts on “Leaving West End

    1. We actually had a half a tank of fuel entering Great Sail. Should of fueled up at West End but line was never ending. This is a new boat for us and don’t know the fuel burn yet. We both believe we could of made it to Spanish Cay, but it was better to be safe than sorry! Could have turned off generator, also, but it was a stormy night and would have been a hot one.


  1. Wow! Beautiful pics. I hope they get gas, horrible feeling!
    We got to Blowing Rock but it took 12 hours! Lots of accidents in Ga. And South Carolina.
    Choden was such a well behaved dog, he’s a pleasure to be with!
    Enjoy your stay! Happy 4th!😘


  2. What beautiful pictures and I enjoy following your trip. Thank you. ❤️ Dorie

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