West End Bahamas


COVID Tests and Health Visa’s are no longer necessary to enter the Bahamas said one website, just proof of  vaccination. As we were leaving in three days form the proclamation we chose to believe it.

So it was with fear and a little trepidation that we entered West End,  Bahamas flying the mandatory yellow quarantine flag, until we clear Customs. 

Pleasantly greeted by the local marina help, stating “you’ve done this before” Denny smoothly put Dream Seeker into the slip.

A small craft full of obviously live conch in the shells floated in the next slip. Joe, the go getter, as he named himself sold us six conk for twelve dollars. He cleaned and shelled them and I put them in the freezer for a few days..  A nice bargain because the guy down the dock from him was selling a small conch salad  for fifteen dollars.

If you are not wearing a mask stay out. This sign hung on the Customs door. Denny ran back to the boat and came up with two used masks. When I complained of the stench he said he gave me the clean one. Then I found out the guy selling Pina coladas was also selling masks. 

We entered the custom office loaded down with passports, vaccination cards and vessel papers. Almost an hour later, with the help of a kind and long finger nailed customs officer and three-hundred dollars, we were fully documented and allowed to enter the Bahamas.

Next item, Bahamian Wifi! This  took  a “bit longer”

uncertain beauty

6 thoughts on “West End Bahamas

  1. God what a pain in the ass! Well it least you’re there and checked in. Now you can enjoy the rest of the trip. Happy 4th to you and Denny!😘Linda


  2. Love the pictures! So glad you are in the Bahamas and enjoying delicious conk! May I suggest conk fritters for a recipe idea! Loved having you both at John and Sanjana’s wedding earlier in June. Arden’s speech was wonderful and John and Sanjana were thrilled to have you both there and both families had fun eating, dancing (Bollywood style!) and getting to know each other. Have fun and safe boating! Looking forward to making a trip to Florida to see you again soon. Love to you both🤗


  3. Glad to hear you got through customs and can now enjoy
    Your vacation. Love to read about your adventures and the pictures


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