The Abacos Anew 2022

Early Start

The waters and skies were clear but the mental atmosphere was very cloudy delaying the start  on our three-week journey to the Bahamas.

Six hours later on our way but with a change of course.  Snorkeling in Palm Beach was eliminated and a new anchorage in Lake worth scheduled, so we can cross the ocean in comfort tomorrow. Our weather window is small.

“Blue Skies” a thirty-seven foot, 20 knot boat, owned by Deb and Bill Gibson is traveling with us. We are grateful for that. I am not sure how grateful they are, Dream Seeker, like most trawlers, has a top speed of eight knots. Blue Skies leaves later than us and gets there before us.

Flat waves, a fluffy wind and cloudless skies made for an eight hour languid crossing of the great divide.

Blue Skies

6 thoughts on “The Abacos Anew 2022

  1. Good to hear from you. I know you will have a wonderful time in The Bahamas. I love it there. Send some pictures if you have time. We are back on the 12:30 thunderstorms and rain and then 5:30 PM more thunderstorms and rain. So we try to play golf and we try to get in the pool and exercise, but it doesn’t happen. I hope you have wonderful weather and a great trip!!
    All is well here!


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