Coming Home

The Sun was shining, the waves were one to two but the large swells caused us to remain seated on the flybridge. The Inclinometer vacillated between 10 to 30 degrees. Plentiful sea traffic, cruise ships, sailboats and other pleasure craft were also taking advantage of the lull in the weather.

The many cruise ships we encountered were moving very slowly and seemingly without passengers. Why are they there? Do you suppose it costs less to keep these ships moving or at least anchored rather than docked. 

Hey Grandma! Is that Florida? Clare woke me up from my nap. Surprisingly, thirty miles from the Florida coast and we could see Miami’s tall buildings. Just a few hours from home! 

Clare is leaving us in Fort Lauderdale, flying home to Connecticut and then back to school.  We will miss her. Dream Seeker will take the safe and scenic route home for the next three days, the intracoastal past the magnificent mansions and multiple mega yachts and back to Nettles island our second home.

As usual, I am unhappy to see these awesome trips end but the need to check in at home is overwhelming. 

6 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Welcome back to the USA! Saying Goodby to Clare will hurt, but think of all the terrific memories the 3 of you have! Enjoy the quiet of the enter coastal and the lovely homes for the next 3 days. Patty


  2. Word of the day:
    Thalassophile. A person who loves the sea and oceans.
    Are you thinking about your next voyage yet?
    Glad you had another good one…


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