Bimini to Ft Lauderdale

Three days in Bimini and we can greet all the natives by their first names. Our golf cart has seen every nook and cranny of this sunny and beautiful island but outside the stone reefs the wind is howling and the ocean is boiling.  

Denny has been commiserating with his weather wizards again. He is consulting the online weather sites, the locals and probably a few astrologists. It looks like Thursday will be the mildest ocean crossing available. According to one local he doesn’t read any forecasts he just watches the  palm trees.  When their fronds are flying he goes back to sleep.

We are going for it. An eight hour journey over the teeming ocean with the aid of the jet stream.

angel fish at the dock
New Years Eve Fireworks
dockside aquarium

7 thoughts on “Bimini to Ft Lauderdale

  1. Nearly home! Hope it’ll be a smooth crossing. In the meantime, enjoy the Peace of being away from the good old USA😪. Hopefully you can bring some island peace with you. Hugs, Patty


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