The Bahamas are full of contradictions. North Bimini is no exception.

Alice Town, at one end of this seven mile long island is where the government, the small businesses and the people reside, a hodgepodge of  churches, grocery stores, liquor stores and conch shacks. The roads are bumpy and the streets teaming with people, old trucks and golf carts.

The north end of the island harbors a new Hilton with a sparkling casino, surrounded by a private island of newly built homes.  Paradise beach is on the west and marinas on the east,

All very quiet and almost empty. The casino is closed. Hundreds of golf carts are sitting in lots waited for drivers.  

Ansel Saunders, a native historian and artist, guided us through a sturdily built, cleverly designed monument,  made of limestone, concrete, sea glass, old beer bottles and trash from the city dump, that he named, The Dolphin House.

The view from the top floor of this work in progress which incorporates a ten foot tall, well built lighthouse is 360 degrees of Atlantic ocean.

Two worlds on one small island.

Conch Salad Bimini Style

2 thoughts on “Bimini

  1. I am enjoying your journey…much better than “The Travel Channel”!
    Beautiful family pictures, scenery, and fun
    adventures. Glad everything is going well.


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