Chub Cay to Bimini

All the weather pundits gave the green light: tomorrow is the best weather day this week to make a safe journey. We are off! 

Through the tongue of the ocean and onto the Bahama Banks, an eleven hour journey. 

Remember, this is an eight knot boat!  If we start out at dawn, depending on the sea and the wind we might get to Bimini before dark.  Denny wants to be able to see the coral heads and the water depths. The lighter the color of the water the shallower the water.  

The sun was shining, the waves were high, the boat was rolling, the inclinometer noted fluctuations up to 40 degrees. We are all on the fly bridge hanging on and so far we were all still smiling. Moving about in these conditions is very difficult.

Salon furniture slid noisily about the salon, the chairs fell over and the table did its usual 180.

The liquor cabinet and galley had been well secured as was the pilot house and the cabin heads.  

Calling on the radio for accommodations, we are closed, we are closed,  North Bimini is a ghost town.  Followed another trawler into Bimini’s safe harbor. And were welcomed into Bimini Bay Marina, a new marina with floating docks, new electric pedestals and lovely lighting.  We were the only two boats in this 150 slip brand new marina for our entire stay.

quite lonely
empty Marina
Dream Seeker and Sweet Life

3 thoughts on “Chub Cay to Bimini

  1. Glad you arrived safely !! Looks like a beautiful place … So sad that they have no other boats !!
    We are enjoying your pictures and your briefings !! Miss you !


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