Anchorage to Green Turtle

Denny is trying to learn how to be flexible.  Not an easy feat for a man like him, but he is making progress.

Dream Seeker, Dream Seeker, this is Blue Sky, came over the radio again. “Trying to make contact all morning.  Black powder is all over my engine room. The last time I saw that it was during sea trials.  The transmission was bad and we had a new one put in.  Unsure of our next step”

Blue Sky is on her way home. They can move forward but not backward which makes docking difficult. They have lost their mojo.. Go! while God and the weather are with you. You will be missed.

It has been, forty years for Denny, twenty for Arden, since last being in Green Turtle Cay. Four years ago,  hurricane Dorian ravaged the island. A community of 450 God fearing people with amazing family values and an incredible work ethic. All things change.  This for the better.

Our slip mates, hailing from Hobe Sound, have been in Green Turtle for the last month.  They offered us use of their golf cart for the afternoon and we made good use of it. The two mile ride from Black sound to White sound now has  a paved road although we didn’t find it till the ride back.

A custom  house, a grocery store, many churches and a few chickens are fighting their way back from  complete devastation from Dorian. Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar with its Goom-Bay  smashes and music, was one of the first to recover.  The churches and grocery stores were rebuilt next. New Plymouth has changed but is still standing strong.

Absolutely fresh grilled mahi mahi on Bahamian rolls were a delight. Cocktails with our slip neighbors and “On to tomorrow?”

3 thoughts on “Manjack

  1. More Excitement, but Not the good kind. Feel badly for Blue Sky … How terrible.
    I did not realize how badly Green Turtle was damaged !!! Hope they can rebuild and
    looks like they are trying .. Good Bay Smash sounds Wonderful … You might know
    the Bar was the first thing to be rebuilt…. Enjoying your emails and the pictures.
    All is well here…


  2. Glad you are doing ok. Sorry about Blue Sky. Weather here has been HOT and dry. Enjoy your journey, stay safe.


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