Dawn; large ships,  small sailboats  and vessels of all sizes are milling about.

The coffee is on, the anchor on board, and the engines purring. Leaving the melee behind us we are through the inlet and out to the open ocean,

Alone, with the gentle  ocean swells and a myriad of underwater creatures as yet unseen.  Horizon appears on all sides of us and no vessels anywhere. We could get a peek at what is under the sea if only our trolling fishing line would produce something.

Halfway across and past the point of no return, a black cloud descends on us and the winds start to howl. Our weather window is gone  in its’ stead, pounding seas, flying missiles and crashing furniture. We need a few extra bungee cords.

Sailing into West End in the Bahamas, three hours later, the seas have died down, the sun is shining and  island music is playing.  Except for a few regulars, the docks are deserted.  We are ushered through customs quickly and relatively efficiently. Contract for two conch salads tonight and a ride tomorrow to the  “Aliv” Bahama phone company.

A large sports fishing boat docked beside us was the recipient of our errant and empty trolling hook, line and sinker forgotten in our haste to outwit the seas. Denny managed to salvage the lure and placate the partying fisherman.

Stand up the Christmas tree, turn on our Christmas lights, and enjoy a sundowner.

Denny and the errant lure

6 thoughts on “THE OCEAN CROSSING

  1. Good to know you are off on another adventure and glad you “survived” the crossing with only a few hours of rough seas. The Gulf Stream can get nasty this time of year! Enjoy the islands, it will be quite different than the “Loop”!


  2. Arden, so glad to be following you 2 sea-worthy people again! Have a safe voyage,, a wonderful experience, and most of all, a safe and healthy Christmas and New Year!! Patty and Lee


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