“Show Time“, a local driver, drove us the twenty miles into the town of Eight Mile Rock. Rain and sunshine peppered our journey, the effects of Dorian were evident by a sea of scattered blue  tarps.  All the churches were repaired and in use.

Eight Mile Rock is one of the Grand Bahama Island’s oldest communities and got its name from the eight miles of solid rock found along its shoreline. When we drove along it the surf was white and the  waves high and tumbling. The rocks were nowhere in sight.

How about some lobsters, freshly caught today? Who is going to cook them and how? The grill is reattached to the railing among the Christmas lights and fired up.  The weather has turned cool so the fire is welcome.

Apparently there was a great need to replace our current claw anchor with a new 85 pound Mantis anchor, and then hang another anchor, a fortress, next to it. The claw is now in the lazarette.  You can never have enough anchors!  

The men in the sports fishing boats were making bets on how Denny was going to move all these about. Not at all like our helpful Looper buddies. Denny, cleverly, put the davit to good use.

The plan is to leave in the morning for Lucaya and then south through the Berries and into Andros but we are subject to the vagaries of the weather.

6 thoughts on “EIGHT MILE ROCK

  1. Hey Y’all~Happy First Day of Winter… at least for us landlubbers in the cooler climes.
    Happy to see you off to to a new adventure!


  2. THANK YOU for emailing me the Dream Seeker updates. We love reading and PRAY every time 🙏🏻 cuz you make me hold my breath. 🤣

    Love & Hugs, Sharon & Don



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