Covid Concerns

Tonight should bring the results of this mornings Covid Test.

That is good because our weather window says we should leave at dawn tomorrow for the eight hour journey across the ocean.

You need the test results before you can apply for a Bahamian Health Visa.

The results came in at 9:30PM, way past Looper midnight. 

Onto the Bahamian website!  Over and over flashed, error message: error message: blinking red, Incorrect password, incorrect password.

It had to be one of three things:

Either, I couldn’t remember my password, or I couldn’t follow the non-existent directions, or  the website was down. At 10 PM I decided the website was at fault and surrendered to the arms of Morpheus.

Up at the crack of dawn but to no avail. Four hours later, having  finally successfully navigated the website and obtaining two health Visa’s, it was too late to navigate the crossing and get there before dark.  There goes the weather window.

Anchored with Peanut Island behind us and the Palm Beach inlet in front of us, we plan to embark at daybreak and hope the wind doesn’t come up till the afternoon.

West Palm Beach Inlet
Dream Seeker’s Christmas Tree

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