Here we go again! 

Gourmand delights or gluttons for punishment?

A new adventure.  This one to the Bahamas for a month with a nine day stop in Kamalame Cay and Christmas with the family.

Today and tomorrow is supposed to be a “weather window”.  A good weather window provides for low winds and calm seas. We need lots of that for the ocean crossing.

Who forgot to charge the head sets?

Arden, Take the helm! WE WILL USE HAND SIGNALS!

Where did all that wind come from?

It is blowing us starboard but we need to go to Port

Now the wind is blowing us backward or is that sideways?

All of this before we leave the dock!

Crunch, Crack, the concrete piling appears to be attacking the swim platform.

Denny, Release the line! Release the line, Leave it on the piling! 

Dream Seeker catapults forward.  Take an immediate right (oops go to Starboard), watch your depth! Keep it in the channel.

We are off again to a rocky start but undaunted. 

13 thoughts on “UNDERWAY AGAIN

  1. The best stories are never smooth sails but rather rocky adventures. Stay safe (and don’t kill each other) and make beautiful laugh-worthy memories. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  2. Have a safe and fantastic adventure. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Living vicariously by your writings. Keep on writing!


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