The End or The Beginning

Is this the end of the adventure or the beginning of a new one? This adventure is over, the dream fulfilled; 6000 miles of wonder!

We have crossed our wake in Nettles’s Island. Now officially Gold Loopers! The trip has been an incredible adventure! We were in places I never knew existed and got there in ways I never imagined existed.

What did we learn:

The world is full of places to explore.

How to tie a clove hitch but not a bowline

Writing is very therapeutic.

Stay healthy —neither of us got sick or sick of each other

Travel with a seasoned captain and an able mechanic 

Docktails are fattening and addictive


Where do we go from here?

There is so much to do and so little time left to do it in. Some time at home is a good thing but after that?  Something will come to mind. 

When Connor gave me this poem written by Marilyn and Al McCrory,  it really gelled with me.  Although the poem was written in 1990 before ease of communication and the fact that they wrote about life on a sailboat, It still epitomizes life at sea with the good and the bad and the downright funny. I wanted to share it with you as my farewell to this blog; the theme is universal.

Halcyon Days

Written by Marilyn and Al McCrory


Mother and father go sailing you know

Every autumn they pack up and go

Far from the winds and the cold and the snow

South to the sun and the sea

I love to think of their sailing there

The blue of the water the gold of the air

Skimming the white caps without a care

Imagine a life so free

I build up a picture of sand and sky

Of lazy harbors and bass drifting by

I build up the image of pie-in-the-sky

Till their first letter reaches me

          It says

                           Oh— The propeller shaft is knocking

                           And the fuel injector is logged

                          There is dry rot in the transom

                           And the hull is water logged

                           The heat exchangers bunged up and won’t exchange its heat

                           When the spinnaker blew out last night we lost another cleat

            But in spite of these small incidents

            When all is said and done

            Its great to spend our holidays

            Sailing in the sun

Mother and father are sailing you know

Down in the south where the fair winds blow

Basking all day in the warm sun’s glow

Where the seabirds circle and dive

I think of them strolling the silver shore

Small dinghy bobbing— the flash of an oar

Sleek hull shadowing ocean’s floor

Then a second letter arrives

                   It says—— Oh—- We lost both anchors overboard

                                                   And now the gaskets blown

                                                   a connecting rod is broken

                                                   and the piston rings have gone

                                                   Some moron ran aground last night and blocked

                                                  the harbors mouth

                                                 But we couldn’t leave here anyway— the winds not from

                                                the south

            But in spite of these small incidents

            When all is said and done

            Its great to spend our holidays

            Sailing in the sun

Yes, mother and father are sailing today

Crisp bow throwing a fine salt spray

Sails stretched taut as they cleve their way

Through crystal waters clear

I’d like to think of them browned by the sun

Enjoying the speed of a long clear run

To a small still bay when day is done

But a third letter is here

                                It says —  Oh—- The Captain gets quite anxious

                                                              When the oil pressure drops

                                                              The main bearing seized solid

                                                              And the halyard ties in knots

                                                            We hit a small reef yesterday so now the bilge is full

                                                            And he says the blasted bilge pump is clogged

                                                            with knitting wool

            But in spite of these small incidents

            When all is said and done

            Its great to spend our holidays

            Sailing in the sun

Gold Loopers
Gold Loopers
attaching the flag to Dream Seeker


20 thoughts on “The End or The Beginning

  1. Congratulations….Hail to the chief. See your mustache…well earned. But don’t be in such a hurry to leave again. At least a week or two.


  2. You two are beaming !
    Love the poem !

    Break out the🍾🥂~celebrate🎉your dream sought~ and fulfilled voyage🛥~drop⚓️at your home port~👠👠click your heels together and say~“There’s no place like home”~and enjoy a restful 🌞 winter…
    Congratulations Captain & First Mate!
    It’s been fun following your adventures.


  3. To my Mother and her husband Denny, the witness of your intentionality, your purposefulness, your dogged determination, have become the stuff of amazement when I pass your stories to my acquaintances far and wide. How old? They ask, how many problems? They ask. Ah, I say all of that is not the story- the daily quest, the yearning to see and feel, the drive in your soul that keeps you young and full of joy…that is the story. Congratulations on earning the gold!


  4. Welcome home. You have been missed. Your daughter speaks for all your blog readers. What an adventure! When does the next one begin? 🍷🇺🇸❤️🛳


  5. Welcome back home! I am glad you made it through and I see the mustache has returned too. Lol
    On to frivolity at the homestead and a round or two of golf. Look forward to hearing of the next adventure planned.


  6. Hey I’m going to miss your daily blog. This has been an exciting experience that all of us who have followed your daily blogs have lived these months with you We should do this again. Love you Michael

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________


  7. So glad you are back from your wonderful adventure ! Can’t wait to see you and hear your stories.
    I will miss your blogs. I loved everyone and looked forward to the next. I would have loved an adventure like that
    Welcome home!❤️


  8. Hi Mom and Denny!
    Welcome back and congratulations! What an amazing experience you’ve had! I share your story with all my friends and beam proudly about it as they listen in amazement. I smiled when you wrote about your fellow Loopers, God’s Grace, because surely God’s grace has been with you on your journey. “If I take the wings of dawn and dwell beyond the sea, even there your hand guides me, your right hand holds me fast.” Psalm 139:9-10. Enjoy the still waters of land and the bounty of the grocery store 😉.
    Love, Christine


  9. Wow, Congratulations !!! From the outside looking in, and dreaming of doing, it feels like you only just started, and now are already done ! Time to rest the toes on dry land for a spell, but the lure of the sea never fades. Far lands ! Distant places ! Time to spend the winter in the Bahama’s !! All the best for a dream well accomplished !!! All Aboard – the Future awaits !!!


  10. Congratulations to the Dream Seeker ‘crew’ on completion of your 2019 Great Loop cruse .. what a great adventure ! !
    And, thanks for sharing the adventure through your blog and pictures !


  11. Congratulations on realizing your dream! I will miss my daily Dream Seeker fix! Spend some time relaxing, and with friends and family. Then head south to the islands!


  12. Well done, for sure!! I will miss the blog, like a lot of other people.

    Glad you liked the poem, I loved it when when Marilyn and Al sent it to me and it seemed to fit you two perfectly.


  13. Welcome back Dream Seeker ! We really enjoyed your adventures! Merry Christmas and many thanks for sharing your special adventure


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