Okeechobee Waterway across Florida

The Okeechobee waterway is a shallow man made waterway stretching across Florida, from Fort Meyer on Florida’s west Coast to Stuart on Florida’s east coast, one-hundred and thirty-four nautical miles and as we now know, contains five locks.

This peaceful waterway goes through miles of untouched Florida Everglades and thousands of acres of old Florida scrub and ranch land.

Ospreys on every marker and Seagulls flying and diving behind the boat followed us almost all the way across the lake. Our wake was stirring up lunch!

Roland Martin Marina in Clewiston was a lively stop with a Tiki bar, restaurant  and music. JoJoFa, tied up behind us, just completed their second loop and earned their platinum flag.

For Me, once around is enough. So many  beautiful places in the world to explore!

seagulls following Dream Seeker
shoring up the Okeechobee Dike
Tiki Bar


floating sea strainer danger
Bridge tender on swing bridge


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