Tarpon Springs, Florida

Tarpon Springs on Florida’s Gulf Coast enjoys a legacy of Greek sponge divers who settled there in the early 1900’s. Historic sponge docks are a reminder of a once booming industry.  Greek eateries, sponge boats and a profusion of tourists, line the waterfront.

On a usual year, we are fortunate enough to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.  This year, an unusual year, November 28 was not only Thanksgiving but Denny’s birthday. In spite of an invitation to spend Thanksgiving together with the other loopers we (mostly me) chose to spend the holiday on the move. I am eager to get home and scrape the barnacles off my body and remove the ravages of the sea from my face.

The two occasions were not forgotten though. Wild turkey makes great cocktails, a turkey roll substituted for the full blown bird which would never fit in Dream Seeker’s oven and Denny’s favorite, chocolate cake for a birthday celebration.

Broken bolts and a leaking transmission are still part of our daily engine clean up. Denny thinks he is getting closer to solving these problems every day, perhaps it will be fixed by the time we get home.

dinner and music
broken bolt /locking ring
young tourists learning
sponge boats
Denny wouldn’t stay

6 thoughts on “Tarpon Springs, Florida

  1. Turkey roll sounds good…no clean up. As for Denny….Happy Birthday…know this one was your best ever. Your bucket list got shorter.


  2. I love that area! I used to pick up my sea sponges for the Spa. They were better than Key West sponges!
    Glad you’re coming home, we miss you!❤️


  3. Thanksgiving with Wild Turkey Bourbon .. a turkey roll .. and chocolate birthday cake ? ? ?
    Sounds good to me !
    And, sounds like a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Denny !


  4. Happy Birthday Denny-you just completed another “loop” around the sun!
    Hope your next loop is full of good things too!
    PS- Re:picture-I’m glad that our generation did not grow up spending valuable time on cell phones !


  5. Sounds like a neat place!!
    Love the pictures!
    I know you are happy to be in warmer weather. We are going to have a cold front next week but should not be here long!!


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