Sarasota to Pelican Bay

A free dock at Indian Rocks beach embraced Dream Seeker overnight; the beginning of the long Thanksgiving weekend. Children were everywhere, fishing swimming and just running around yelling. 

The sign said no overnight docking but we had gotten an imprimatur from Terry England who knows these waters, so we stayed but we did leave early in the morning for Sarasota.

Sailing down the gulf intracoastal on Thanksgiving weekend brings out what Denny calls cowboys. Weekend warriors, full of hubris, and attempting to make their imprint on the waterway, weave in and out of the channel impeding our progress toward home. They are having  a lot of fun in these gorgeous waters. The homes are beautiful, the weather ideal, and the magnificent dolphins are ever present.

Marina Jack in downtown Sarasota was our next stop. We were greeted by two Looper wannabes having just bought their first boats and one who just finished the loop and flew their Gold flag for the first time. We currently fly a white Looper Flag but when we cross our wake (complete our Loop), in Stuart we will fly a gold one too.

We were very pleased to see Connor Davis, a Sea Craft buddy of Denny’s walking down the dock. It is such pleasure to me when friends take the time and effort to join us on our travels. A delightful man I had never met but who felt like a friend immediately.

sunset in Sarasota
Denny and Connor
Sarasota Park
The Marina Jack
Growing Sarasota

4 thoughts on “Sarasota to Pelican Bay

  1. Arden
    Glad you are on the homeward stretch and about to earn your gold Looper flag. We have met Connor once or twice and whole heartedly agree with your assessment. A very pleasant and adventurous guy.


  2. Always wanted to go to Sarasota, my close girlfriend lives there. This summer I’m heading over there for some girl getaway! Looks beautiful! Glad you’re almost home! Gonna be very cold Monday night, so get down south soon…new are expecting 40 degrees Monday night. Bundle up to Denny!😘


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