Crossing the Gulf

Two boats are making the crossing with us, Gyp C and Bite Me (not a Looper). The three of us run about eight knots basically ten miles an hour, each boat has a crew of two. 

The forethought:

Start at three PM, travel for twenty-one hours east, south and then east again to avoid the blinding morning sunrise and arrive at Tarpon Springs about eleven AM, without hitting anything.

Stay as close to shore as possible to avoid large swells,  stay in 50 feet of water or more to avoid the crab pots and watch out for large ships traversing the gulf. Be vigilant!

What Happened;

3 PM:  A picture post card day!  We embarked!  The seas are almost flat. The three of us are in hourly radio contact. The only boats we encountered the entire trip were Looper boats.

11PM:  Armed with a spot light,  “Bite Me” had a pod of dolphins following her,  I didn’t go out and check our bow, the moon had not yet risen and the spotlight was arbitrary.

1 AM   Dream Seeker, Bite Me, this is Gyp C,  are you all awake? It is so quiet and calm here.  The seas are still almost flat and the stars at their brightest, the way was lighted.

2AM: the winds shifted: it was a little bumpy for a few hours but calmed down by daylight. 

A perfect crossing with no unusual incidents of any kind! God is Good!

Dream Seeker Crossing the Gulf (photo by Gyp C)
Morning sunrise through the windshield

13 thoughts on “Crossing the Gulf

  1. Glad you had a smooth crossing. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Don’t think you are having turkey…but you can substitute a glass of wild turkey …


  2. Great news- you did everything right!
    Quite an accomplishment!

    Can you find a Seminole Indian Casino to have a Thanksgiving buffet with our Native Americans?
    Jim’s fraternity brother(Georgetown College, KY) was Jo Dan Osceola the youngest president of the Seminole tribe.


  3. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see you. I was paired this Tuesday for our Ladies Day with your neighbor, Becky. We had a delightful time. Safe traveling! Happy Thanksgiving.

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