Carrabelle, Florida

One grocery store, one liquor store, one post office, one hardware store, two restaurants, and three marinas, a quintessential small boaters paradise on the panhandle of Florida. We are here awaiting a favorable weather forecast so we can cross the Gulf of Mexico with the least amount of turbulence, a twenty-one hour trip in an eight knot boat. (10 miles an hour). 

Escorted along the Seaway to Carrabelle by the indefatigable and energetic dolphins, we found that all boats are seemingly treated to the same pleasure. Two other Looper boats are at the marina with us, Gyps C, from Canada, and Talisker, named for an expensive Scotch that I have never tried but will at my first opportunity.  Talisker said they drank their last ounce after they safely traversed Lake Michigan.

Buddy, an old time mariner led a discussion on the Gulf crossing at the marina next door. He filled us with fact and lore as he knows it. The heavens opened as we ran to the closest restaurant. Paper is a poor substitute for cloth when you are trying to get dry.  A delicious flounder dinner and a bottle of wine helped us weather the storm.

Denny installed hand rails in the pilot house for the captain’s comfort on bad seas and secured the engine room for travel.  I tethered the liquor cabinet and protected the galley (the important stuff).

A forecast from Captain Chris and the calm breezes determined; We are ready!

a calm waterway
beautiful anchorage
Carrabelle Church and state together
Buddy pontificating
grocery store
one restaurant


Talisker Bob and Kim
safety is no issue

7 thoughts on “Carrabelle, Florida

  1. You all have got this -so much experience under your belt from the past months in understanding your boat and working together….and other Loopers going along with you.
    Just be like the dolphins~~~navigate carefully and go with the flow~~~


  2. The town looks so peaceful! I like the fact that they can leave their keys in the door, just like old times! Looks like you’re ready to roll for your 21 hour jaunt.. enjoy!! 😘


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