Florida’s Grand Canyon

Florida’s  “Grand Canyon” starts on the GIWW east of Choctawahtchee Bay, at the edge of Mangoes Raw Bar. It is a twenty-five mile long cut through some of the highest elevations in the state.

Considering the highest natural point in Florida is 345 feet, naming it a canyon is a stretch of the imagination. Cliffs that formed from the sand dunes are said to give the appearance of a canyon that reaches down to the water. A quiet and calm waterway!

Two supersonic F35”s from Elgin Air Force base broke the silence along with the sound barrier, performing bombing exercises. At least that’s what we thought they were doing. They passed by many times and always demanded our attention.

A pod of dolphins greeted us as we stealthily approached our anchorage in West Bay; Separately and together they came to say hello. I think we found a dolphin refuge or at least a place for a family to call home. Perhaps it was the time of day, perhaps it was curiosity, whatever it was, it was awesome.

We took our drinks  and blankets to the flybridge and watched the sun set on a plethora of dolphins looking for dinner. See video.

Morning came clearly and quietly, the nights frivolities no longer seen in the flat sea.

An hour into our trip we were again regaled with dolphins escorting us all the way. The entire morning was spent taking pictures. A wonderment!

Florida’s Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Panama City
watching the dolphins
this cargo needed two Tugs

6 thoughts on “Florida’s Grand Canyon

  1. I love the dolphins. We generally don’t get to see them up here in New England. Years ago, as a kid, we went to Marineland, and after the orchestrated show was over and people had left, but we were still walking around, one of the dolphins in the pool picked up a small inner tube toy and tossed it to us. We looked around, didn’t see any reason not to, and tossed it back. The other dolphins joined in, and we spent a half hour playing catch with these dolphins, just like you would with your dog in the backyard. I will never forget that !


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