Frost is on the sidewalks and no one is walking anywhere. We are in Decatur Alabama and freezing.

It is so easy to forget, in this climate, that Florida is the Sunshine State. So aptly named. My friends tell me it is still hot and humid there, where I long to be. My current world is freezing, literally 32 degrees this morning.

For the past two days the winds were so high we had to spend two nights and one full day tied up to the town wall with the generator blasting and 20 mile an hour winds forcing their way through Dream Seeker’s hull. The drapes in the salon were waving, the driving rain caused seepage through secret apertures and there was pooling condensation on the pilot house windows.

This must be what it is like to be in prison. Many of my options  for living are taken away. It is too cold to go outside. It is too windy to move the boat.

We watched many small fishing boats trying to brave the wind and partake in their local fishing tournament but everyone of them was forced back by the sea. The wind is blowing us onto the dock. The fenders are crushed against the dock doing what they are designed to do. There are white caps on the river.

But then I realize:

I can still read! I can still knit! I can still play games!; and sometimes even with Denny.

I can write my blog! I have four bars and a hotspot on my phone, I can still communicate with the outside world. I can shop! We are securely tied to a floating dock. We are safe!

It is morning again. The winds are quieter! I am trying to hurry Denny (an impossible task). Finish your breakfast we need to leave here!

The sun is shining and we are off and running south.

We are the blue dot Decatur
railroad bridge up
Railroad bridge down


6 thoughts on “Frost

  1. We just saw a bridge like that when we were leaving Bordeaux, France. First time I’d ever seen one like that! I am enjoying your blogs, you’re teaching me a lot!! I thought you’d come down the Mississippi!! It is hot and humid here, but getting a little better. More toward normal, not 5-7 degrees above normal with humidity at a bizzilion percent! Keep on bloggin’!!!!


  2. Oh you two are not meant for cold weather! You’ll remember this when you get home to sunny Florida! They say we’re have a cold front, it was 85 today and partly cloudy!! Cold, they should talk to you! Come home soon, you’re missed!😘


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