Iuka, Mississippi

Are you familiar with the idiom “out in the middle of nowhere”??;  Well I just found where that is. 

Aqua Yacht Harbor in Iuka Mississippi, pronounced, i-you-Ka, is surrounded by woods and according to the book, lots of wildlife.  We traveled for many miles along windy hilly roads with the courtesy car but never saw any wildlife;  probably because it was Sunday. But we did find a Baptist Church and a closed liquor store.

A stop in Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama proved to be another “nowhere”, an appealing park but no courtesy car, no Uber, no Lyft, no rental car; but they did have the Nina and Pinta replicas.

The Wilson Dam is one of the most significant structures on the Tennessee River. The dam is 137 feet high and 4,541 feet long. The dam was completed in 1925 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966. It was a long way down.

The lock masters an all these river locks have been extremely helpful in expediting our progress up or down the river system. The lock master on the Joe Wheeler Dam told us that the river was very busy that day and there could be a four hour wait to get through the Wilson lock. 

The tows and barges were lining up and The American Princess Paddle boat out of Memphis was coming through,  but if we hurry and could get to the lock by 1PM they would lock us through before the traffic.  Denny  was motivated. He pushed his engines to the limit, from 8 to 9 knots and watched our ETA to the dam slowly decrease. We made it!

Pulled in early to Florence Harbor Marina in Alabama. A house boat convention took up the courtesy car time for the day so the Looper Harbor Host lent us his car to get to the obligatory grocery and hardware stores; southern hospitality or just downright thoughtfulness?

Docktails with three other Looper boats, although it was cold it was fun.

Top of the Lock
gate comes up to start
We are going down
And down
not the bottom yet
Courtesy truck
American Queen Paddle
American Queen
Paul at Aqua Harbor
Russ in Florence
Courtesy van
monitoring the lock down
Aqua Yacht Harbor

8 thoughts on “Iuka, Mississippi

  1. Boy, those locks are scary! You’ve been through many so it must not be too scary for you.. Boy, it’s getting cold there! When will you be home? Miss you..😘


  2. Looks like a pretty Yacht club. Arden, your hair is getting longer…. Just be safe. Shouldn’t it be warmer in Alabama? How much longer till you reach the Gulf?


  3. If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere in the south- and you hear banjo music- fire up your engines and get the “H” out!!!😬
    Glad to see everyone still smiling…


  4. Enjoying your Pictures !!! You are really Bundled up now !! I did not realize it was already
    cold in Alabama ??? Miss you !!


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