Guild, Tennessee

The world is full of nice people, at least my world is.

Two long days and nights on the rainy river brought forth a third day of unsettled grey skies. Occasionally, a flash of yellow, a blaze of bright orange and a glimmer of dark red, could be seen on the tree lined river banks.

Sometime, somewhere, through all the fog, just south of Chattanooga, very quietly and almost without notice, it became central time again.

Four helpful boaters aided us into a slip at Hales Bar Marina, we were looking for a change in the heaven’s. It being Sunday, the marina staff was nowhere in sight. The boaters weren’t Loopers, they were native to the area and even better, wannabe Loopers. 

Guild is a town of 5000 people and has one grocery store and one pizza place. Dana and Mike on “Stress Re Lease” generously offered to give us a ride to town and we returned with our various sundries to have pizza and beer on Dream Seeker, and answer lots of questions.

The Marina calls itself a resort but it is a misnomer. I couldn’t find any spa services but It did have floating cottages for rent. They look very comfortable and you can fish from the back porch or your bed.

A dense river fog prevented us from leaving early but  the fog easily and quickly changed to bright sunlight.

Oh! Oh!,  what’s up now? The port engine is overheating!  Take over! I am shutting down the port engine. The boat will function on one engine, you will just have to compensate for the pull to starboard. I am going to the engine room. 

I cleaned the sea strainer. All is well.  Now what?  it is overheating again?  

“I don’t need this kind of excitement!” 

The new belt is twisting. I had to tighten it. All is well.

Overheating again?  I put the old belt back on. I am sure it will better.

Look, the Nickajack lock is coming up! Get out the headsets!


Dana and Truck
Dana and Mike
Straight up or down
Hales Bar
Floating cottages
High up color
Pizza 2 for 1
Is this worth it?
Watts Bar nuclear plant
Can you get to the boat
a long way down


6 thoughts on “Guild, Tennessee

  1. I love that pic of can you get to the boat? Must take them a half an hour to get to the boat!! Lol.. Hope all is well and see you soon! 😘


  2. The conversation re: overheating, was priceless. Could easily have been between my wife and me.

    Enjoy the crazyness.


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