Chattanooga, Tennessee

A blanket of white snow had settled on Chattanooga, the last time I was there.  This time the sun was shining and the afternoons were warm. That is not all that has changed in Chattanooga in the intervening years.

Chattanooga has a revitalized downtown with art being the predominant theme. The University of Tennessee has a large campus there. The aquarium, separated into two immense buildings, the river and the seas, are teeming with exotic aquatic creatures.

A free shuttle, well used by City dwellers or transients alike, spread out like fingers from the downtown to points all over the City. The drivers are helpful and will stop any where along the way for you including the liquor store. Perhaps the drivers are familiar with the old adage that a ration a day will keep mutiny at bay, (one of my loyal readers, RMF, reminded me of that).

Another Harbor Host, Ray, brought his car and Dolly and helped us get needed supplies.

A widely used footbridge over the Tennessee joins the southern and northern parts of the city. The north opens onto the City Art District, The Hunter Museum and many small galleries, some with all types of media and all items for sale.  I Iove the textiles, especially the wearable art.

Chattanooga Choo Choo
this is real
Celeste and color
Makes you want to sing
Celeste Ken Ray Denny
we climbed this
Couple dancing on money
Hunter Museum
is this how green frogs are made?
Dream Seeker. God’s Grace
Arden Celeste Ken
ocean going
Dream Seeker from pedestrian bridge

6 thoughts on “Chattanooga, Tennessee

  1. Sean and I went to Chattanooga and enjoyed it thoroughly! We loved the Choo Choo train and the Museum. Good food there too if I can remember. It brought back fond memories of when Sean was a boy. Tonight he goes out on his first date with Callie a girl he’s adored for two years! Taking the truck out with a girl! Have fun there..😘


  2. Another great stop ! !
    I haven’t been to Chattanooga in MANY years .. I’m now adding it to my ‘list’ for another visit . . . .


  3. I too would like to revisit after reading your travel review. Our last visit was about 1982. We spent the night in a Chattanooga Choo Choo Pullman car with our son.


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