Racoon Creek,  Alabama

“Come out and see the moon rising— now!”; a message from Celeste on God’s Grace.

A panorama of sight, light and color, embraced us as we emerged onto the flybridge.

Our anchorage, a hilly tree lined rotunda with two valleys, the moon rising in the east and the sun setting in the west created a vision our cameras could not reproduce; but we tried.

We are traveling up the Tennessee River with God’s Grace. “Locking” has reached the point of HoHum another lock. Finish your breakfast, it will only take a few more minutes for the water to flow in or out.  Catch that bollard.!  Hurry secure that line. One-hundred and thirty locks to date, each different but all the same. The Nickajack lock was today. It was large, low and  turbulent.  

A Conundrum:

Another anchorage further up the Tennessee River. What time is it? My phone says 5:30  but my computer says 6:30. Wait, if I go to the stern, my phone says 5:30, I walk to the bow, my phone says 6:30. What is going on here??  Who cares what the exact time is, either way it is cocktail time.

I think somehow we have anchored on the time zone change line. God’s Grace has no such problems. It has anchored about 100 feet from us. They seem to be in eastern time. We are in Limbo. 

What time is it???

6 thoughts on “Racoon Creek,  Alabama

  1. Life is getting too complicated on Dream Seeker. I would suggest swapping boats; there seems to less chaos on God’s Grace, hmm both terms do express peace. Or maybe you can just keep drinking way after 6PM.


  2. It appears that you were in the Twilight Time Zone last evening !

    Beautiful pictures of the Hunter’s Moon…

    How does your boat compare with this one ? Built for $300,000 , took 2,000 trees to build it. Still in service after 222 years…. maybe they were lost loopers??? (went onboard it in Boston Harbor a few weeks ago)-USS Constitution.

    Looks like you all have had a relatively uneventful last few weeks. No mutiny… as long as you get your daily ration ???


  3. Beautiful pictures! We saw the full moon here in Nashville last night. We also found the time confusing at our house on the TN river. There does not seem to be a way to know where the time change boundary is. Sorry, we missed you in Chattanooga, but everyone but me had to go back to work.


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