Up the Tennessee River

Hurry, turn around!  We are going in the wrong direction!  How did this happen?

We are going North. It is freezing. I am not getting out from under these warm and comfy quilts. Turn the generator on we need heat. My long pants and sweaters are out again.

The Tennessee River towns are full of warm colors but the air is very cold and often wet.

The only good thing about the cold weather is it keeps the spiders at bay. I do not think the spiders have died: I think they may be just in hiding.  They love small crevices, ladders and docking lines. Do spiders hibernate?

A massive steel flag pole on our starboard bow,  a diagonal slip, a boat laden dock across our stern and the wind blowing us onto the dock, all contributed to an unnerving departure from Port Loudon Marina in Lenoir City, Tennessee.

Watch my stern!  How close is the pole on the bow? How far off the dock am I? I am running up and down the 49 ft boat trying to answer all the questions Denny is firing at me. 

Ignoring all his demands I focused on keeping the swim platform from being demolished again. The fenders were seeking their proper place, the boat was intermittently crashing into the dock and Dream Seeker was rotating slowly but with determination. Fenders are remarkably sturdy.

There is not enough room to turn the boat. How did we get in here last night? The wind was blowing in the other direction. Or maybe it was that bourbon that mellowed you out. 

Well done Denny! We are turned and proceeding south.

Celeste and Ken
God’s Grace leaving the lock
God’s Grace in the lock
building everywhere
Watts Barr nuclear Plant
Arden and Denny

9 thoughts on “Up the Tennessee River

  1. Arden, you do have an interesting flair on authoring your blog. When we were with you in the middle of the night it was “Denny, Denny I am hot turn on the air conditioning!” Guess thats replaced by “Denny, Denny. Turn on the heater!”
    It was fun being with you both.
    Anita and Terry


  2. Hi. Just had dinner with friends who are moving to mariners sands in Stewart. Is this close to you?

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  3. OMG!! Another exciting event on your journey!! Glad you are heading South! I miss not having my Neighbors!!!😰😰😰😰
    I hope it starts getting warmer!!
    Take care😘


  4. I’ve never read these words in your blog…boring, monotonous, humdrum,
    nothing to write home about…!
    Every day brings new adventures.


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