Green Turtle Bay and Paducah KY

Rest and recreation is on the schedule at Green Turtle Bay Resort and Marina. We will spend the week pampering ourselves. There is a gym, two pools and spa and I intend to use them all. After all this time on the boat I feel like I am sprouting barnacles. Covered slips provide excellent protection from the sun, and the restaurants have a lot of ambiance.

The City of Paducah is uniquely situated at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers and is perfectly located to enjoy the historic downtown and lower arts district. Two days ago we attempted to get into this charming city but Dream Seeker had rain cascading down the windshield and a marina on its starboard side just two hundred yards away with no space. We sadly soldiered on.

Yesterday, Harry Taylor, a life-long friend of Denny’s, and Brenda, both Kentuckians, visited us at Green Turtle.  Harry was kind enough to take us to Paducah over land. The town lived up to its hype. The Floodwall Murals span three blocks on the waterfront and are a series of life-sized panels showcasing Paducah’s history. The downtown boasted numerous shops, restaurants and galleries.

We had a late lunch in Paducah and returned to Green Turtle in time to see a wonderful live show of gospel music in the local Badgett Playhouse Theatre.  Harry and Brenda left the next day but we enjoyed their visit, especially the Chocolate Bourbon Balls.

5 thoughts on “Green Turtle Bay and Paducah KY

  1. Hope you got to use all the facilities during your mini vacation on the Loop, which some may think was a mega vacation 😊


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