Barkley Lock and Dam

It was a three-hour wait to get into the Barkley Lock, a fifty-seven foot lift between the Cumberland River and Lake Barkley, Kentucky, one of the many TVA Lakes.

The Barkley Lock and Dam named for Alben Barkley, Vice President of the United States in the Truman administration, created, along with hydro power, a one-hundred and thirty-four mile scenic lake with one-thousand miles of shore, a boater’s paradise.

Daylight was dwindling while twelve trawlers idled their engines waiting for a decree by the lockmaster to come on through.  We are waiting for a tug with its huge barges filled with coal, sand and rocks to go through the lock.

Our marina and docktails are just a few feet on the other side of this lock. It seems like an eternity away. There was a suggestion of Locktails but denied by the law-abiding captains.

The bright day faded into darkness as we finally came through the lock and inched our way into the marina looking for our assigned slips. The marina is closed for the night and we have to find our own way.

Shine that flashlight I can’t see anything!  It doesn’t light! It just needs a shake! Its not working! Bang it a little!  Jiggle it! Here take this flashlight!  The strobe like effect of the second flashlight shows we are on the wrong dock.

Out of the blackness comes a voice, over here, I am waving a light! Do you see me! In complete darkness and with the help of the owner of the marina, Denny, using the braille method, felt his way into the narrow covered slip.

Another crisis averted!

6 thoughts on “Barkley Lock and Dam

  1. “The 🌞 shines bright in My Old Kentucky home,”
    Welcome y’all – hope those Docktails were Mint Juleps! …or at least KY Bourbon!
    Wishing you smooth waters ahead…


  2. LOVE Love all the hair raising interesting commentary. We feel like we are right there with you. Most of all it’s good to hear that you both are well and in great spirits. Ken has harvested his apples and we have made 12 pints of canned of applesauce. Can’t wait to see you in December!


  3. Arden & Denny-
    Cruising with you for a couple of days on Lake Michigan was certainly a highlight of our trip north. Arden, thank you for your cocktail time goodies and tasty meals prepared onboard. Denny, we admire your excellent handling of DreamSeeker in narrow quarters and ability to keep all boat systems operational. Our hats are off to both of you for embarking & fulfilling your dreams while others retire to the sofa.
    Best wishes for the rest of this and other journeys.
    Anita & Terry.


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