Grand River, Kentucky

Denny is at home here, they speak his language, everyone sounds like him. I rather like it.

We are slowly quieting down after almost a month of rushing to make lock closures and fighting tows and barges. The weather is blistering hot and humid but the Loopers are still partying; fire pits on the beach and docktails on Acquisition.

Grand River, a small town, is full of southern charm. The US Post office is open from ten to two. The village market and the liquor store open a little longer but not much. 

Delightful boutiques manned by beautifully coiffed ladies in long dresses, line a treed and sculpture filled garden leading to Patti’s restaurant, famous for its pork chops. Closed this week because of fire but soon to be reopened.

The Thirsty Turtle has beautiful vistas and questionable food.  Soft music and a colorful sunset  adds to its calming ambiance. This stop we spent a lot of time in restaurants and bantering with the natives. 

Knocking on the door, of the local restaurant Tuesday evening, revealed it to be closed. We were directed to another smaller restaurant but found they did not serve any alcohol and were closing, it was 6PM. 

On to Dream Seeker, fortified ourselves with a small libation, used the courtesy car and drove to the neighboring town of Calvert where we found a Mexican restaurant open and not to be missed. 

Perseverance goes a long way on the Loop as in life.

3 thoughts on “Grand River, Kentucky

  1. Know Patti’s restaurant…stay & and visit. My granddaughter Missy took everyone visiting Murray U. There. Glad you can slow down & enjoy the ride.


  2. Arden-
    Reading your pleasant blogs makes me wish we were back aboard again. So pleased you are getting some R&R. You said everyone sounds like Denny, but left out very few if any sound like you. Love ya gal, keep him on his toes!
    Terry S


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