Lake Michigan

The six-hour trip from Charlevoix to Ludington was fraught with anxiety. Waves were splashing across the bow; fifteen mile an hour winds were whipping, and five foot swells were rolling in from two different directions.

Dream Seeker was rolling 45 degrees and I was sliding back and forth across the bench yelling at Denny to make it stop because it was obviously his fault. Denny did respond by tacking to alleviate some of the intense motion.

Lake Michigan can be a fierce body of water.  Denny called it a white-knuckle ride.

We stayed at Harbor View Marina, a good choice; the municipal marina was mobbed with sightseers for the Boat and RV show, walked into town and had an early dinner.The inclement weather kept us in port another day so we used the time to provision and clean the boat.

Ludington has an underused and excellent municipal car service that comes right to your door (or boat) and takes you any-where in the city for one dollar a person. It can load wheel chairs at no extra cost but packages cost extra. On Saturday they take you to Wal-Mart and back for free.

The trip so disoriented me that I forgot to take pictures, but at least I didn’t get sea-sick.

5 thoughts on “Lake Michigan

  1. That’s how Lake Michigan is, unforgivable. When that wind picks up, you can get blown away! Glad you survived! I would have definitely gotten sea sick!😬


  2. ah yes, the… Great Lakes…. and the Legend lives on. from the Chippewa on down….. A white knuckle ride, on a 49 footer !!! The making of memories !!!


  3. Oh no!! Sounds like another Adventure!!! And once again, you conquered!!! No more of that!!😌
    Only calm Seas from now on!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


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