Charlevoix, Michigan

A charming small town, population 2,513, located on Round Lake, off Lake Michigan, Charlevoix is noted for its excellent restaurants and mushroom houses. The mushroom relates to the architecture and roundness of the homes.

The drawbridge at the entrance to the harbor opens once an hour and, out of season, opens only by appointment. We entered on the hour so we must be officially in season. Although it still seems to be season,  I am wearing wool sweaters and long pants. Yesterday I bought a scarf.

We got into our slip just as the Marina was closing for the night. Hooked up to power and walked to town for dinner at “ Grey House”.  It was crowded and the food excellent. A Golf cart was charging in the driveway touting lifts home but by the time we were ready to leave it was unavailable, so we walked on back to the boat. The exercise was welcome.



3 thoughts on “Charlevoix, Michigan

  1. Very pretty!! Not sure about boating and wool and long pants
    Going together 😊😊😊
    Miss you! Take care and enjoy
    Your adventures! 😘😘😘


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