Dream Seeker has been navigated from inside the pilothouse for the past two days.The inside temperature is 71 degrees, outside reads 75, but the wind is blowing 15 knots and the sun is behind the clouds making it feel below 50.

I am wearing long warm pants a cashmere sweater over a long sleeved shirt and closed shoes and socks: Not my typical Florida dress. We are still in Canada, in the North Channel and three weeks behind our original schedule. Which, we believe, would have kept us wearing shorts for the entire trip.

Still feeling cold and sorry for myself, I receive a call from home and am told it is extremely hot and humid there with a Category three to five hurricane heading directly at Florida. Pre hurricane panic is causing store shelves to empty and there are long lines at the gas pumps. Don’t worry, we are putting up your shutters and battening down the hatches.

Suddenly the sun comes out and everything looks much brighter. We find we are anchored right next to a cell tower and all is right with the world.

I am expecting a warm Indian summer.

in the pilot house
inside working areas
creating a route for tomorrow
navigating from the pilot house


7 thoughts on “Ambiance

  1. How many people have published their looper journey in a novella?

    This is your chance to create a piece of history for many future generations.

    This could be the big moment!!



  2. I see that there are favorable conditions, weather permitting, for seeing the aurora borealis in the next few days in your current location.
    That would be awesome !!!


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