Saying good by to Canada

A little bumpy on the way out of Meldrum Bay turned to jarring when we reached the west end of North Channel.  Bang! Crash! Screech!  The salon table crashes to the floor. Was that my computer? Catch my chart books! Hang on to the phone!

Dream Seeker is rolling and I am sliding back and forth along the leather settee, hanging on to the built in table in front of me. Look at those waves! No! Best to look at the horizon! Cannot see any land on the horizon. We are in the northernmost tip of Lake Huron and the seas are five to seven. Four hours later we are still in lake Huron, the seas are still raging and I am in the throes of mal de mer.

Denny is having the time of his life.

5PM and we are in the States, DeTour Village, Michigan, in our slip with the aid of many, including “Hallelujah”, another Looper Boat. Hey! We are all having dinner at the Mainsail restaurant.  Join us in an hour.

Having spent a few hours last week setting up our CBP (customs and border patrol) Roam App, we activated the app, pushed the “arrived” button, were contacted by video chat with a Customs agent and welcomed home.








4 thoughts on “Saying good by to Canada

  1. Looks like you made it back in! Yay! I like the idea of video with customs. What an easy way! Glad you’re back in the USA. Hope the weather will behave. Looks like Dorian May skirt us instead of direct path. We’re hoping and praying!😘

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  2. Welcome back! So glad you made through the rough lake. You are sure getting lots of contrasting conditions.
    Where to next?


  3. I’m glad that I’m not prone to seasickness and was able to watch your video…
    Saying a prayer for your family and friends on the eastern coast…


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