Little Current — A Misnomer

The channel markers are making wakes, the wind is blowing 20 miles per hour, the clouds are grey and poised for rain and we are trying to dock Dream Seeker in a slip too short and too narrow.

Put the fenders down further! Throw that line! Where is the spring line? Put that engine into reverse! The Marina deck hands are pushing the sixty thousand pound boat off the dock but they are losing the battle to the wind forcing the boat onto the dock. Patiently, with the help of many on the docks, we are berthed.

An almost out of control trawler is trying to come in behind us. He is swaying badly and sailing way too fast, aiming for a dock we refused because of its inaccessibility in this sea. He impacts and bounces off Dream Seeker, blasting two bow thrusters, crashes into another dock,  backs his vessel into a slip and is caught by many helpful hands.

The Town of Little Current, Ontario is grossly misnamed. The current is fierce.

First words we hear on docking are “there is a potluck tonight, come and join us in the pavilion”. Eighty-five people showed up for the last potluck of the season; great food, fun boaters and prizes.  We didn’t win any.

3 thoughts on “Little Current — A Misnomer

  1. You missed your calling as a flashy newspaper reporter. Your descriptions make me feel like I am there in the boat. Truly you need to think about writing a novella and publishing it. Your brother


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