No Service

We are the only boat on this end of “Baie Fine”.   It is a long narrow bay within the North Channel lined with engaging vistas, pine covered hills and calm seas, all which contribute to isolation. It appears that one could disappear never to be seen again.

It is peaceful but almost too peaceful. It is quiet but almost too quiet. It is silent but almost too silent.

A tantalizing message from one son but no way to respond; Phone calls from two other sons I could not return, all because of ‘No service”

I had a blog all ready to send but “No service”

It was Sunday and I wanted to make calls home, “No Service”

A gorgeous view but completely out of touch with the outside world is an oddity that I now realize I rarely desire.

I do think that Denny enjoyed the solitude much more than I but then,  “Therein lies the rub. “

Still smiling



6 thoughts on “No Service

  1. Arden, you look radiant! What a beautiful couple. I don’t often reply but read and enjoy every post. Thanks for taking us all along on this grand adventure. ❤️ Dorie


  2. A good place to read some of the many books you purchased at a past stop….and a perfect “Man Cave” atmosphere for Denny. Guys like their peace and quiet ; – )


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