Killarney, Ontario

Furniture and goods stacked precariously on small boats ready for a trip to an island cottage. Hills of quartz, which look like snow capped mountains. Unsoiled, unpolluted, and untainted dramatic views! This is Killarney.  Cool nights, clear air, calm seas and 78 degrees, make it just about perfect.

A church where we stumbled into an afternoon Mass, a general store that had nothing we needed, a fish and Chips restaurant that claimed to be the best in Canada, where we had lunch, and a Marina with a small ferry that takes you across the canal, this is Killarney.

We spent Saturday night in Sportsman Inn Marina, country music was whispering across the canal. Revelers were dancing drinking and singing while we were sitting in Adirondack chairs having docktails and sharing tall tales with Drifters.

I guess we are not the last of the Loopers for this year as we thought because two more Looper boats came into port. We are the stragglers though. For the next two days we are in the northernmost part of our odyssey, then we turn south and hope to follow the good weather all the way into Florida.



2 thoughts on “Killarney, Ontario

  1. Looks beautiful there! Enjoy the weather it’s rainy here a lot, and more to come from Dorian coming our way. So relax and just enjoy the beautiful scenes and weather 😘


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