Grey Skies

Three to five foot waves and a following sea thwarted our attempt to sprint across the Georgian Bay to Killarney. This side of the bay is full of immense rocks, small craft and twirling windmills but the seas are calmer. Wrights Marina in the town of Britt, Ontario, proved to be a safe haven. The town, population 278, has a hardware store, a liquor store, a grocery store and a restaurant all in one small building; the ice cream store and post office are down the street.

We found the toilet bowl cleaner but it only did half the job we thought it would.Other products suggested for getting rid of mustaches will have to wait their turn for trial until we are able to obtain them. Denny has some FSR he thinks might work.

Recycling seems to be what the town wants to be noted for.  No trash disposal unless in thin clear plastic bags. The bins are labeled for clear and colored glass, soft plastic bottles, ridged plastic bottles and cardboard.

Had lunch in the only restaurant in town with Drifters and it was surprisingly good. The forecast for tomorrow is for sunny skies, 60 degrees and 5 mile an hour winds.





4 thoughts on “Grey Skies

  1. I fell like I’m reading Charles Kuralt segments from “On The Road” CBS news with Walter Cronkite…which I loved.
    So interesting.


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