Parry Sound, Ontario

No! don’t anchor there. It is too far away from land and I will freeze on the dinghy ride. No! Not there either, too much wind, no not there, not pretty, so we stopped at Big Sound Marina in Parry Sound where we found three other Loopers.

No Ubers in this part of Canada and we miss them, Taxicabs come, but not on our schedule. Taxied to the grocery store but had to wait 30 minutes to get back.

Magic potion, Poli-glo, rust remover, lemon juice and considerable scrubbing, but to no avail. Removing the mustache off the boat is proving to be a very daunting task for Denny, just holding the dinghy steady in the water is impossible. The consensus from on lookers is to try a well-known toilet bowl cleaner.  I guess we wait until we get to another grocery or hardware store.

What a terrific bookstore in this small town, the concept is simple and it works elegantly. Bearly Used Books sells gently used books at very discounted prices. Patrons bring in books and get a credit, the books are catalogued and priced and put on the endless shelves. I was there for two hours and only spent thirty-eight dollars.  I could have stayed much longer but I was spirited away by Victoria inviting us for drinks: First things first.

Georgian bay is the northeastern arm of Lake Huron, characterized by rugged bedrock and white pine forests to the north and sandy beaches to the south. The average depth is 150 feet. Cabins built on large flat rocks, float planes landing on the vast expanse of water and squawking Canada Geese, these are the scenes in Georgian Bay. We will be here at least two more days.


6 thoughts on “Parry Sound, Ontario

  1. All the stories are wonderful and the pictures are even better. Denny may consider using “Magic Erasers” to remove the mustache….it may work.


  2. Hi Arden and Denny, looks like you have spotted a moose. Canada looks beautiful and so cool. We are having the hottest August with the heat index above 100 and humid. I am enjoying your blog.


  3. Home Depot or other stores “GoofOff Rust Stain Remover” spray on wash off. No scrubbing…. good luck Denny & have fun Capt


  4. That looks like a moose to me! Glad you’re on the boat! Denny is working so hard on that mustache… it’s probably going to be there until you get home. Then you can probably throw bleach on it or CLR but not when it’s in the water. Looks beautiful up there, you enjoy! 😘


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