Georgian Bay, Ontario

Ken, the owner of Bay Port yachting center, shared with us two hours of his local knowledge about Georgian Bay. Denny was thrilled!  We now are the proud owners of many new cruising books and a 4×4 foot map of Georgian Bay, suitable for framing because it surely is too big for our map drawer.

Three days of preparation for this sojourn across the bay: more groceries, more hardware, and more liquor. Lots of taxes here in Canada, a 1.75 liter bottle of rum costs fifty U.S. dollars, about half of what it costs in the states.  Good thing I stocked up on my Dewars. There is a VAT tax on almost everything.

Three Looper boats have joined us at the Marina, one is marooned with a seized engine, one is in a hurry and the third we will cruise with for a while; Mike and Victoria aboard Drifters. They are both from Kentucky, as is Denny.

Two locks south of Chicago are closing September 21 for two weeks and it would be advisable for us to get through them before they close if we are to make our objective, home for the holidays.  Sorry about the if, we will make our objective even if we have to leave Dream Seeker in a marina for a while.





4 thoughts on “Georgian Bay, Ontario

  1. Man, booze is sure expensive! Wait till Chicago, no vat tax! Wow, 2 locks closed probably for repair. They are very old… The weather looks beautiful, and the boat looks great! Enjoy, miss you!😘


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