The Big Chute Marine railway

Anchored in a large primal Bay last night just before the rain started. The only boat in the Bay, washed almost clean by the heavy rain. Dream Seeker has a brown mustache on her enormous bow that has been building up for five months.  Denny says it is a sign of seasoned travelers and he likes it, I say it is just dirty and the boat would look so much better when it is clean.

Actually cleanliness has been my mantra for the past five months. He has been promising me he will get in the dinghy and wash the moustache off when we hit the pristine waters of Georgian Bay.  Uncle Boo gave him a magic wash to accomplish that.  Tomorrow we reach the legendary Georgian Bay.

Today, Dream Seeker was loaded onto a large rail, put in slings and mechanically hoisted out of the water. The Big Chute Marine Railway carries boats daily, in individual cradles, on an inclined plane, over a sixty-foot change of height. Like a giant roller coaster, the railway drives the boats up the tracks and down the other side in less than four minutes.

Yea!  A welcome change, no more locks until we get to Chicago. Locks have become a way of life for us but we are about to get a reprieve. No more descending into the depths of a dreary dungeon or soaring into the sunlight.

2 thoughts on “The Big Chute Marine railway

  1. Yay! No more locks until Chicago my home town! You’ll have some relaxation now! Weather looks beautiful, we are rainy every day and 90 or more. You’re not missing anything! 😘


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