Summer in Southern Canada

Canadians really know how to enjoy their summer. They are everywhere on the waterways and in any kind of watercraft imaginable; mostly they seem to prefer houseboats. A great family vacation, rent a boat, go out on the water and then learn how to maneuver it. They are very hospitable and fun loving and always available to help with a line.

The weather here has been perfect, cool nights, warm days and low humidity. No wonder all the Canadians I know in Florida go home for the summer. Spotted two golf courses on the way, a reminder of home and its many pleasant pastimes.

A narrow shallow tree covered waterway, a wide lowland full of marshes, an occasional farm and homes built on huge rocks, all are reasons to slow down and smell the roses. It is difficult to envision the same scene in winter, snow covered, frozen and cold.

2500 miles of our 6000 mile journey are completed; including negotiating through 128 locks. It’s a wonderment!


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