The Lift Lock

Peterborough Marina was a wonderful stop.  They were very accommodating to Loopers and the grocery store was close by.  During our stay, the music was playing, the fountain was running and we were sufficiently far away from both to enjoy them.

Put two rectangular baskets on two different but connected water filled cylinders; then fill one basket with ten monkeys, the other basket with eleven monkeys. The basket with eleven monkeys is heavier so it will go down and the ten-monkey basket will go up.

Now make the baskets larger and of concrete and fill them with all size floating boats and lots of people, add one inch extra  water in one of the baskets and you have a “lift lock.   A fun way to ascend to the next canal!

We cruised through the lift lock and on to six more locks finally reaching Lakefield, exhausted but feeling good.  Ceci Kay came through one lock with us on their kayaks.

We tied up at the town dock, had drinks with Scott and Meredith on Thunderbolt and settled down for the night.

The current temperature is 81 degrees, humidity 31%.  Oh Hum!


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