Campbellford to Hastings

All the lockmasters were happy; nature was watering their plants again. Torrential rains at lock three of seven. Thunderbolt and Ceci Kay pulled over. Do we keep going? (it is only noon).  Oh well, we are wet anyway. On to Campbellford and as before, the rain stopped just as we got to town.

A town dock wall with electricity, water and Wi-Fi, it is a real find. The town has a “world famous” bakery with cream puffs and butter tarts, a cheese factory, and a very large replica of a Toonie, the two-dollar Canadian coin. The clouds parted long enough for us to see the sights but they did not part long enough for us to attend the county fair.

You would think that with all this rain the boat would be forever free of spiders but it seems to just drive them into smaller and smaller crevices.

The next morning, partial showers and six more locks, brought us to Hastings. The town has a grocery store, a liquor store and a hardware store, all in walking distance. We never pass up a hardware store. In this one we found the motion sensor lights to put on the out side of the boat to dissuade critters from joining us.



lockmaster house
typical lake house
lock # 4
Haley falls
inside the lock looking up
Smith Falls








6 thoughts on “Campbellford to Hastings

  1. More great pics .. and great, descriptive blogging .. also, good idea on motion-sensing light .. hope it works for ALL types of creatures . . . .


  2. Sounds like you’re having lots of fun! Great pictures and commentary. Love that looper flag. Truly the adventure of a lifetime


    1. On Pinterest they claim teabags will rid you of spiders. Worth a try. How is your temps. Hot here. Arden did you actually eat a cream puff? Hope the rain abates. Still sounds like fun. I am telling everyone you two might never get off that boat. Lol.


  3. Love following your posts!! Also heard that peppermint oil deters spiders, worth a try ??( dilute in h2o, dip a brush into solution , then wipe away spiders) I’m working on our Sat girls schedule, can’t remember if I’ve had this conversation with you…but, when are you planning on returning to your homeland?? I will keep you as a regular unless you let me know otherwise. Enjoy this trip and travel safely!!!


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