The Trent Severn Waterway

The Trent Severn Waterway is a 241-mile intricate inland system of rivers, lakes and canals connecting Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay. First nation tribes created the trails, river routes and portages along the valleys of the Severn and Trent Rivers. The official building of the waterway began in 1833.

It finally happened! About Lock 4 on the waterway out of nowhere, torrential rains: the first bad weather we have had in Canada. By the time we got to Lock six everything on the fly bridge and near the doorways, especially the carpets were soaked through. Our shoes, gloves and clothes were saturated even foul weather gear was not enough.

The rain subsided just as we were docking onto the last available slip.  Our stern was in the channel, but the lockmaster said we were the last boat through for the night so we could stay in that precarious position. No argument from us!

Two other Looper boats were on the wall, Thunderbolt and Ceci Kay, time for hot showers and docktails on the sun dried picnic tables.

We were happy!

6 thoughts on “The Trent Severn Waterway

  1. Into everyone’s life some rain will fall. Sorry couldn’t help it. Glad to hear you are having such fun. 😘


  2. Arden and Denny, sounds like you guys are having a great trip and your boat issues are no more. great to hear that you are having a good time. everything is well here in Monarch. We’ve been getting alot of rain. Your house and everything is doing good. Hope you guys can continue to have a great cruise. You two will come back world class cruisers and fully “lock” qualified.

    Have a Docktail for us

    Maria and Sherrill


  3. “… intricate inland system of rivers, lakes and canals …” ! ? !
    THAT’s the truth ! I was looking at that .. looks like type of route (on pavement) that I’d choose when backcountry motorcycling ! ! !


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