Smith Falls, Ontario

Smith Falls boasts a Wal-Mart, an auto supply and an enormous hardware store; a must stop for Denny.  We docked by a lovely Canadian Park with beautiful flowers, water fountains and electricity. Walked to the hardware store and stocked up on bug killer and cleaning supplies; those bugs make a mess when you kill them. Lots of boaters and fun lovers saturated the park.

The next morning Denny rode his bike to the auto store and Wal-Mart. We left about noon and reached our anchorage at 4pm. Thankfully an early evening!

Seemingly out of nowhere, while anchored on the Rideau River a bug bit me on the only uncovered part of my body, my finger.  It immediately started to itch and swell. How far up my arm is the itching? Will it subside? If I take medication, it will put me to sleep for 24 hours.  Problem solved!  I jumped in the water after Denny, he was in there checking the props. A pleasant surprise, the water temperature was about 78 degrees. Cooled everything down!


4 thoughts on “Smith Falls, Ontario

  1. Wow! What else can happen? At least this incident was resolved quickly. Here in Boston, Ted and I are getting ready to go for our cruise next weekend. We will have our pads with us, so I should get your notices. Have a good week. 😀 Barbara Sent from my iPad



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