Kingston, Ontario

There is an easier way than we have taken to get across southern Canada but hardly as picturesque. We have been through at least eighty locks since the beginning of this journey.  We are now“ master lockers”, I just created that term but it seems very apt. Teamwork has us whipping through the locks like we have done it eighty times before.

Outside of the locks at Newboro, near the end of the Rideau Canal we rendezvoused with fellow Loopers and DeFever owners, Diane and Steve on Aurora. Travelling in opposite directions we managed to spend a pleasant afternoon together reminiscing. They have the same boat as ours but somehow it looks very different. Perhaps it has something to do with the new paint job, updated doors and teak finishing on Aurora.

The City of Kingston, nicknamed the “Limestone City” is known as the freshwater sailing capital of Canada and is a gateway to the Thousand islands. The city built in 1673 abounds with history and was the base for the Great Lakes British Naval Fleet.

All the marinas in Kingston, our destination, were full so we anchored a dinghy ride away from the city, in Navy Bay.  There were three boats in the beautiful anchorage; one of them was “Life’s TraVails”, a Looper boat, with Tom and Paula aboard.  Hello!!!  They jumped in the water and swam over to meet us. I am sure they are a lot younger than we are.



4 thoughts on “Kingston, Ontario

  1. “Master Lockers” ! Great titles ! !
    And, it all began (for Denny) long ago and ‘far’ away in the ‘hills of Kentucky’ .. locking through the manually operated Kentucky River locks ! !


  2. the 1,000 islands..brings back memories . the last time we were there was back in 84′ visiting friends on there 37 Silverton…and we drove up there someplace to meet them in a 1980 Spitfire. What a trip….


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